It is a Sway policy to ensure all activities carried out minimise environmental impacts, conserve natural resources and provide effective safeguarding of the environment. We will meet all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.

Here at Sway we are committed to highly implement environmental protection and work on a basis to make core value as part of the Sway culture by:

– Integrating pollution prevention, waste minimisation, and conservation into work practices at all levels; informing employees of applicable environmental regulations and Sway requirements.

– Minimise toxic emissions through the selection and use of its fleet and the source of its power.

– Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst suppliers.

– Improving the environmental impact of others’ facilities that we use by responsible use of energy and material resources.

– Meeting environmental objectives, including safe and responsible disposal of waste (where necessary) and clean and efficient use of energy.

In addition, every individual at Sway is expected to:

– Carry out duties in a way that complies with Sway requirements.

– Be aware of the potential environmental consequences of their actions at all times.

– Promptly address or otherwise report conditions that could result in a spill or release of hazardous or regulated material to the environment.